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The web is full of porn sites with tons of free porn content. In addition, these sites have a large variety of categories to choose from. Many of the genres, deal with particular kinks or fetishes. Some of them are common, while others are crazy and wild. The type of sexual fetishism each person views, depends on what they find interesting. Also, which of them causes the biggest turn-on for them. Often, some of the fetishes begin as simple internet chatter. However, once the segment or topic goes viral, it quickly catches on and becomes a popular category. A great deal of these sexual fantasies or kinks, start out as abbreviations. Others are acronyms or words made up by users on the web.
In the same manner that all people are different, so are what their personal desires. The same for whatever causes them physical attraction or sparks up their sexual appetite. There are many free porn videos dealing with each particular sexual fetish one may have. This list of the top sexual fetishes, explains many of them in detail.


Before anything else, the question of what a fetish is must be addressed. A fetish is something you are attracted to. But in many cases, you may not even know why it is so. Without you even knowing it, you begin to form an attraction to it; regardless of what it is. Instead of kinks making you calmer, they tend to cause excitement in a person. For the most part, those excitements are sexually oriented.
Most people don’t choose their fetishes but rather, they choose them. A person can be instantly turned on by something in a snap. It could be a part of a person’s body or a piece of clothing. While some may not believe it, fetishes are more commonplace than people think. In fact, mostly every person has some form of fixation. The problem is that the majority of people don’t characterize a lot of things as fetishes. For example, if you enjoy looking at women in lingerie, that is a fetish. Some like seeing girls or men wearing pantyhose or garter belts. Others have sexual obsessions with foods. Evidence can be seen in the large amount of food porn videos found online.
Research has shown that over 75% of individuals, have some form of sex fantasy. Furthermore, these people admit to them openly. These most popular fetishes are different in total. That’s based on the fact that some are more recognized or common than others.


This may be one of the most popular fetishes in the world. Anyone who enjoys watching others take their clothes off, falls in this category. The same for those who love watching others have sex. One of the reasons behind voyeurism’s popularity is based on human nature. The vast majority of humans have an enthrallment with nudity. That element makes us aroused by other people’s sexuality. Perhaps it’s the cause behind the high amount of people looking at free voyeur porn online.


The world is full of people who are partial to feet. Podophilia – as it is also known – is one of the most common sexual fetishism worldwide. This dates back centuries all the way to the beginning of time. Famous celebrities have been documented as having foot fetishes. A few of those who are turned on by other people’s feet are turned into foot slaves. They have to do whatever their foot master tells them to. A large portion of folks enjoy sucking on the other person’s toes. Some like to massage, rub, lick or touch the feet.


There is something very erotic about a person in tight latex clothing. It could be rubber, vinyl or latex. Most often, the clothing tends to be shiny and very tight. That way, people can rub their bodies or other things against it. Plus, it makes it slick and shows off every curve in a person’s body. The most common use of latex can be found in another fetish which is BDSM.


Body piercing covers any area of the body that is pierced. Most common are the tongue, belly button, genitals, face and other parts of the body. Some like touching the metal parts while others enjoy the look of it. Most do both since it is all connected. This visual fetish has caught on more the past decade. Women especially, have been doing their belly button piercing and other body parts, for some time


BDSM or bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism is a wide spread sexual fetish. This is where the submissive individual is controlled by the dominant. They have to do all the things their dominatrix or master tells them to do. A large number of couples role-play this scenario all the time. BDSM covers a large spectrum such as spanking, bondage, sexual submission, slave training, flogging, and restraint. Most of them are connected to some form of role playing that is psychological.