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How to catch your cheating spouse?

Marriage is a sacred relationship that must be honored at all times. Ideally, it must not be entered for no other valid reason except love, but for centuries, people marry because of different reasons like love, pregnancy, convenience, companionship, and even obligation. More than 50% of marriages end up in a divorce, annulment, or separation. The primary reason for the broken marriages is adultery.


Adultery is when a spouse is having an intimate sexual relationship with another person without the consent of their legal spouse. Adultery is the most common reason most married couple ends up separating, why children all over the world becomes a product of a broken home, and why it is so hard for both men and women to trust that a monogamous relationship can actually exist for a long time.

The cheating intuition

If you have any reason to believe that your spouse is cheating on you, the first you normally do is deny the facts. Of course at first you cannot believe your on suspicions, especially when for you there is absolutely nothing wrong with your relationship. However, if you are starting to have doubts, if you are seeing signs of cheating, it is best to investigate the truth first before you react.

If your spouse is starting t have hushed conversations over the phone and brings their mobile phone wherever they go, even to the bathroom, then you need to be more wary of what your partner is doing. If the sex is beginning to be less in occurrence and feels obligatory, then you can start to wonder where your spouse is getting the quality sex from.

Look for proof

It is never good to jump to conclusions. Though it is great to trust your instinct, it is better to back it up with proof. Find a way to access your spouse’s phone, laptop, computer, and wallet. Look for possible clues and proof about your partner’s discreet affairs. Visit your spouse’s workplace without announcing your arrival, talk to the co-workers, have friendly get-together with the friends, and subtly inquire about your partner’s activities, and mentally note if there are any changes to the usual routine.

You can also check the credit card activities, the phone logs, social media accounts. If your spouse is getting secretive about the social media account’s passwords and will not allow you to use the mobile phone, or deletes browsing history on the laptop, or deletes the phone logs and hides the credit card transactions, then you definitely have something to worry about.

The best way to catch your spouse cheating is to act like a private detective, if you don’t want to hire one, and follow your partner wherever the destination is. It is tiring and requires too much time and effort, not to mention the expenses, but it is worth it, once you have the proof about the affair. You can either leave your spouse, or compromise to save the marriage.

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