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The issues with entering into an open relationship

“In an open relationship” is a relationship status that has been around for decades, but mostly hidden and spoke of in hushed conversations and utmost secrecy. In the recent years, open relationship status has been used by so many people that the idea of it has become popular, and many couples are getting into an open relationship themselves.  But is an open relationship really all about?

Open relationship

An open relationship is a type of an intimate relationship that is not monogamous with the consent of both parties. Either or both man and woman in an open relationship can engage in a sexual relationship with another person with the approval of their partner. The couple can allow another man, woman, or both into their relationship and have a multi-partner relationship, or the couple can join a swinging club where both partners can have sexual relationship with other couples in their circle, or a couple can have a hybrid relationship where one partner is monogamous and the other is nonmonogamous.

Many couples find an open relationship beneficial and it helps strengthening the foundation of their relationship, because truth be told, men are born polygamous in nature, and though at times they can control their urges and stay faithful to their partners, but the desire is there, hidden within the mask of denial and burying urges. Not all women are blessed to have partners who know how to make love to them in ways that will bring them to extreme orgasm. And so, with an open relationship, both partners can satisfy their concealed yearnings with other people, and stay madly in love with each other.

Concerns about an open relationship

An open relationship is a practical choice, but it has its own issues and problems as well, and if it is not cultivated and taken cared of wisely, the open relationship will be broken.


When you love someone, you can’t help but get jealous of other people who will have a sexual relationship with your partner. Even if you consent to it and even if you’re having sex with others as well, jealousy will always be a factor that will tore you both apart, no matter how hard you both try to deny it.


You enter into an open relationship because you want to solidify your relationship, but what happens of you or your partner realized that the sex is much better with the other parties than with you both? What if either of you formed an emotional attachment to your extra partners? That will surely shake your relationship.

Social stigma

Even with the modernized world, an open relationship is still not a fully socially acceptable relationship status. Being shunned by your friends and family can be a problem for both you and your partner, regardless if the relationship is working great for you both or not. Society is not completely ready yet for an open relationship status, even if you are.

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