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What does ‘cuck’ mean and why are you being called one?

When people are angry at the world, or at someone, or at you, they will call you names that will serve as an insult to your being and mostly those insulting words bears no truth at all. People usually say a lot of things they do not mean when they are angry, but malicious individuals tend to call you names in their spite and their intention to make you feel low about yourself, and to make you retaliate in kind. Those people are just trying to make you miserable and unhappy, because most of the time they.

The internet and social media is the best tool for bullies to trample upon the rights of people who are weaker than them, for white activist to demean the official or people they are not in agreement with, and for common citizens to convey vile words to people they hate. One of the most favored words for haters is “cuck”.

What is “cuck”?

Cuck is a shortened term for the word cuckold, which means that a husband has an unfaithful wife who sleeps with another man. Basically, a cuck means that the man is weak, inadequate, and effeminate, who is mostly controlled by women. Cuck is also merged with conservative and creates the term cuckservative, which is favored by white nationalists to give offense to Republican politicians whom they find too conventional.

Being called a “cuck”

Well, people do give insults that meant to make you feel terrible. If you are called a cuck, try to examine of you are any of these:

White husband with cheating wife

In porn language, cuck means that a wife cheated on a white husband with a black man. It was made that way so the insult of a white man is made extreme by being cuckold by his wife and a black man. So if you’re a white man with a wife cheating with a black guy, then you are a cuck, but if not, then ignore the offense because it does not apply to you.

Mainstream Republican politician

Cuckservative is widely used by the Trump supporters, and every Republican politician who are getting too mainstream and not part of the Trump umbrella are called cuck. If you are not a Republican politician, then don’t worry, you are not a cuck.

Weakling, dominated by a woman

A cuck is a man who is so weak, he cannot perform a task without a woman’s guidance. He is dominated by a woman in his life whether at work or at home, and follows her orders at all times. If you are not scared of woman and have the feebleness to do all her bidding, if you are strong enough to recognize that women are good for men, then you are not a cuck, so do not let those “cuck” individuals ruin your day. They whine because they are not happy, and they may even be cucks themselves.

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