How to catch your cheating spouse?

Marriage is a sacred relationship that must be honored at all times. Ideally, it must not be entered for no other valid reason except love, but for centuries, people marry because of different reasons like love, pregnancy, convenience, companionship, and even obligation. More than 50% of marriages end up in a divorce, annulment, or separation. [...]

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The issues with entering into an open relationship

“In an open relationship” is a relationship status that has been around for decades, but mostly hidden and spoke of in hushed conversations and utmost secrecy. In the recent years, open relationship status has been used by so many people that the idea of it has become popular, and many couples are getting into an [...]

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What does ‘cuck’ mean and why are you being called one?

When people are angry at the world, or at someone, or at you, they will call you names that will serve as an insult to your being and mostly those insulting words bears no truth at all. People usually say a lot of things they do not mean when they are angry, but malicious individuals [...]

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